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Version 3.0

posted Oct 12, 2013, 6:41 AM by Somannagari Venugopal
New version 3.0 released on 10-Aug-2013.

Unlimited eLibrary Size - With our new engine it’s possible to create eLibrary of any size. The size of a eLibrary is limited only by your storage device.

New formats included and built in readers - New formats for ebook are included ePub, djvu, mobi, xps, cbr, cbz, are supported now, with inbuilt viewer (no need to install ebook readers ex: Adobe Reader)

Pop-up Player for watch multiple instances at once - Now eLibrary user can read/watch more than one file at a time; this feature makes research people more comfortable by comparing or preparing more books at a time

Home Templates and Listing Color styles (full customization) - Now you can deploy eLibrary with professional look by setting templates and listing color for the project, besides all the appearance already improved. Gadgets pane customization.

End user Activation System for Licensing per PC - One more piracy solution for published eLibrary(.ero). already USB Dongle security exist; the end user activation system decrease the distribution cost of the eLibrary(.ero); End user activate the project to the unique PC, this is PC based licensing system.

Debugger - Finding bugs and resolving it now easy with debugger, before publishing eLibrary author must check for bugs with debugger and it reports bugs and makes it resolve with great ease.

Build Manager - eLibrary Creator 2013 tracks all builds to your project and you can easily check who and when has been purchased your eLibrary(.ero). And it will use for generate End User Activation Key to the end user licensing (per PC), USB Dongles Keys and RRK List for the unique build. This all feature are useful for managing customers and distributing license keys or unlock keys.

My Research Notes (Inbuilt Notepad) - With version 3.0 inbuilt notepad for making notes by the end user. all the notes can be stored in eLibrary(.ero). this feature helpful for research people who want to record notes while reading/viewing eLibrary(.ero).

Right side information pane and view main menu - The right side information pane allows view info about the file and view menu used to set appearance like on/off toolbar, status bar, gadget pane and fonts for the project appearance.

Save to Disk Feature in RRK Security System - Save to Disk feature for sale individual files like stock images, codes, templates, clips, source files and software - allow us to lock files to save to disk, this feature completely make disable if you don't want, this feature works for some files which author want to sale individual files to end user, if end user want to save in computer files like software, stock images, codes, templates and any other digital file, the end user unable to save the file to the disk but pop-up window ask to end user to buy the file, after buy, the end user will get the RRK by the publisher/author then end user need to unlock the file and file will avail to save to disk.

Auto - Generated end user guide at publishing eLibrary(.ero) - The end user guide is the document about the eLibrary(.ero) in this document what is this eLibrary, how to use, content of eLibrary topics will help to the end user, this makes to author/publisher stress less about end user support. This document will be auto generated and published with eLibrary(.ero) for this author/publisher need not do anything extra.

Minor Updates · Appearance and access of eLibrary now become more easy; ·Project information form for describe about the eLibrary and Publisher; ·Improved Importing files; ·Improved RRK Security System; ·Improved USB Dongle Encryption; ·PNG images format is fully supported now; ·Not open bug in some computers fixed; ·Some unwanted features are removed.