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Version 2.1

posted Jan 12, 2013, 8:59 PM by Somannagari Venugopal
Release 2.1 with major updates!
Published by SVIC-INDIA in UPDATES • 6/6/2012 3:48:41 PM
What's new in version 2.1?
  • Batch files Importing Wizard: To import group of files in one go! Instead of adding one after another you can use Batch files Importing Wizard! It allows you to import up to 1000 files into eLibrary in one go!
  • eLibrary Configure wizard!: Now you can configure your eLibrary with step by step, Titling eLibrary, RRK Installation, Encrypting with (N) USB Dongles and customize your eLibrary like how should look, what features to available to the end-user that can be setup. 
  • Unlimited USB Dongles can be encrypted with an eLibrary! Improved USB LKD Licensing system!
  • After RRK Installation also user can add some files and make them RRK without changing previously installed RRKs!
  • Publishing Wizard: Easy publishing with wizard, like, Licensed to: enter licensee (Client) details of your client, Check list: it shows what are the parameters you missed and re-setup those missed parameters then you can Publish: Now you can publish eLibrary in My Documents\My eLibraries\your eLibrary title\ folder: with 3 files, 1. your eLibrary (.ero), 2. eLibrary Reader Software, 3. Autorun.ini file. So, you can burn these 3 files in CD/DVD/USB Disk to distribute to your client.
  • Customers' Manager: Now you can manage your clients, with contact details and RRK Doc will be recorded in each publish. So the particular users' RRK Doc will be finding with License code! Manage Money, Prints Reports!
  • Auto-Activation System: Now eLibrary Creator can be downloading from various websites! That's free! But to make full version eLibraries just you can order Auto-Activation file!
  • Quick time video and audio formats included: Now you can add files types like, MOV, MP4, 3GP, AMR, MID and ACC. 
  • Grabbing Google Docs from internet to eLibrary: Direct download Google docs or internet docs into eLibrary!
  • Embedding YouTube videos: Internet hosted video can be embedded into eLibrary! Not download videos into eLibrary, but you can play from host in your eLibrary! 
  • Customized layouts and Single home mode: You can hide folder tree completely to your clients instead of that your client your Single home mode!
  • Small display style added: Now new Small folder display style added!
  • Stop current playing media button on tools bar.
  • Rating file with color codes (Yellow).
  • Improved Media player with Image and details.
  • Alert notice box in right down corner.