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RRK Security

RRK Security - Restriction Release Key System
Locking some files in eLibrary(*.ero)!

RRK Restriction Release Key System is the locking one or more files with RRK (auto generated password) in the project. Locked files can be set with trailer files, means instead of original file opens trailer file, If locked.

Author; Who deploy the eLibrary with files and one or more files can be locked by the author;

End user; Who will access the eLibrary(ero) and they can unlock files in the eLibrary;


1.Locked file can be unlocked by end user with RRK password, end user need to buy this password from author;

2.Password can be supplied by author to the end users on schedule;  like in universities or collages ; an example, let us examine, in the collages or universities author(professors or lectures) can publish eLibraries with their videos or ebooks to the students and all the files in eLibrary are locked with RRK System, then students can be unlocked files on schedule by receiving RRK from the author. Here author gives the RRK to students for relevant topic/chapter files in the eLibrary on schedule basis, for example chapter one files RRK in June month, chanter two files RRK in July Month then students can learn in schedule of course, likewise students can enjoy the eLibrary.


Locking can be in two types one to view another to save to disk.


To View - allow us to lock file to not to open/play, and we can set trailer (the end user will not able to view the file when its locked but shows pop-up window to buy information instead of opening file, if that file have the trailer file the end user can view the trailer).  here we can add trailer too.


The end user need to unlock, Enter RRK then press unlock then file will be unlocked for view.


To Disk - allow us to lock files to not to save to disk, this feature for some files those want to save in computer of end user's, like software, stock images, codes, templates or any other digital files. Here we can lock to disk then end user unable to save the file to the disk but pop-up window ask to end user to buy the file to save in computer, if end user want to save file that should be unlocked with RRK which can be obtain from the author.


If locked to disk, end user need RRK to unlock and download file to the disk. this feature can completely disable if no need.