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EUAS - End User Activation System

eLibrary(*.ero) Licensing per PC with Activation by End User!

What can it be done for? 
If end user activation installed before publishing the project the end user (who gets .ero file) need to activate the elibrary before using the eLibrary(.ero) while opening eLibrary(.ero) by eLibrary Reader software in end user's PC, it asks for activation by saying PC Machine ID then end user should ask activation key to the author/publisher by saying PC Machine ID and Build ID then author/publisher will generate activation key with end user's PC Machine ID and Build ID, generated activation key will be supply to the end user from author/publisher of eLibrary.

Then eLibrary(.ero) will be activated to the particular PC, this is single computer licensing system.

Here, how it works as above said. while opening .ero file with eLibrary Reader Software the following pop-up window appears for activation of eLibrary.

End User (Client): should ask author/publisher for activation key by informing Machine ID: ex: 752442331 and Build ID: ex: 1 with purchase information then author/publisher will give you a activation key by email or phone and then enter given activation key in Enter Activation Key Field with Licensee information then click on Activate button then elibrary will be activate to that PC.

Author/Publisher: will generate activation key with Machine ID and Build ID by conforming purchased user and then generated activation key will be sent to the end user by email or phone. Activation Key generator will be in build manager of eLibrary Project Source file (.ecs).